Recommended 10 Online Shops for Trusted Makeup and Skincare Shopping


Recommended 10 Online Shops for Trusted Makeup and Skincare Shopping – Online shopping makes things a lot easier. Those of you who like shopping for beauty products such as makeup and skincare will also be happy with the various promos offered by online stores. To be safe and comfortable, make sure to shop for guaranteed genuine makeup and skincare products at these 10 trusted online cosmetic, makeup and skincare shop recommendations!

1. Sociolla

From Indonesian products to Korean and Australian products, even some American and European brands are also present here. In addition to many promos, you can also get many recommendations and product reviews on their website, Who likes shopping here?

2. BeautyHaul

If you enjoy watching videos of beauty influencers, you will also be familiar with the word haul. Haul is a term that means to buy, so those of you who like to buy makeup and skincare products, you can check the list of local and imported products (even pre-orders) at

3. Sephora

Who does not know Sephora. When you don’t have time to go to the mall and shop directly at the outlets, you can always get the beauty products you want through the Sephora Indonesia website and application. Pssst, don’t miss the gift with purchase promotion which is often offered with certain purchases on the website.

4. Ponny Beaute

There is also, where you can get various K-Beauty products from Korea and products from local brands. From skincare, makeup, to tools, find them at Pnny Beaute.

5. C&F Store

Perfume collectors must be familiar with C&F Store outlets in various malls. However, not only perfume, now C&F Store also carries various international skincare products that you can also buy online at

6. Hey Glow

If you like various skincare brands that are often seen on Instagram or YouTube, don’t forget to stop by, because this website offers a variety of interesting products that are unique and may be difficult to find on other sites.

7. Kay collection

Reading the Kay Collection will surely remind you of various tools such as makeup brushes, mirrors, and even makeup artist equipment. In the Kay collection, skin, hair, and makeup treatments from various brands are also available. Visit the website at

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8. Beauty Studio by Female Daily

You may also be familiar with the largest beauty forum in Indonesia, Female Daily. Well, recently, Female Daily launched Beauty Studio, a platform that offers an online shopping experience for various local skincare and makeup products. I just visit

9. Dan+Dan

For fans of drugstore skincare and makeup, don’t forget to check the website which offers many of the best drugstore skincare and makeup products from local and international brands.

10. Bening Bersinar

Unique name huh? This beauty website started as a shop in a marketplace, and has now opened its own website, which offers local, Korean, and even Japanese skincare that is of course authentic!…