Some Tips Not To Be Fooled When Shopping Online

Some Tips Not To Be Fooled When Shopping Online – In shopping online, there are certainly many people who are very careful to be able to choose an online shop that has many advantages and benefits to be achieved. In this day and age, you don’t have to go to the store to buy an item anymore, you can just shop with the internet. This activity is better known as online shopping or online shopping. This online shopping, of course, really helps many people to make it easier to get the things they want.

Come on, here are some tips so that you are not easily fooled when shopping online or online shopping:

Some Tips Not To Be Fooled When Shopping Online

1 . Avoid Prices That Are Too Slanted
Do not be too tempted by a price that is too slanted or cheap, because a price that is too cheap is suspect. The problem is that the price must match the quality, and it is impossible for a seller to sell the goods too cheaply, because clearly it will harm them, unless the seller is a fraud. Try to check first the testimonials from buyers who have bought the goods. Note, yes, there are prices, there are forms.

2. Trusted Websites
Before starting to shop online, you must first find out where the trusted buying and selling website is (less fraud). You can search on the internet about trusted buying and selling websites and also look for information about people who have shopped on the website. Usually well-known brands already have many reviews on the website.

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3. Get to know the product
If you want to buy a product, you should browse first about the product you want to buy, so you know more about the product and what the product includes if you buy it (its completeness). In addition, so that you can match the products that are sold according to or not (price, product photos, completeness) with the advertisements provided by the seller. The minus of buying a product online is that you don’t know if it’s real or fake, again, back to there are prices and there are shapes.

4. COD (Cash On Demand)
So COD is a direct transaction activity somewhere between the buyer and the seller. This method is the safest way so as not to be deceived when shopping online.

5. Know the Seller
Before buying a product, it is better if we find out the origin of the seller. How are the selling items, the website, the testimonials, the reputation etc. Especially if the seller is a newbie or has no reputation/testimonials, you should be more careful, because the information must be very difficult to find.…

Online Shopping Habits during a Pandemic

Online Shopping Habits during a Pandemic – During the pandemic, it is very obligatory for us to be able to do shopping needs online. One of them is to use trusted online shopping. Based on research results from Bank Indonesia, e-commerce, which is an online trading site, managed to reach more than 140 million transactions in August 2020. This figure shows an increase of almost 2 times compared to August 2019 which recorded only 80 million transactions.
With more and more people using e-commerce to shop from home, new habits emerge that are often carried out by people as e-commerce users.

Online Shopping Habits during a Pandemic

Buyer’s Testimonial is a Role Model
One of the most common new habits when buying a product is paying attention to testimonials and reviews from previous buyers. Prospective buyers will consider whether the product they are going to buy really matches the description listed on the online store and matches their expectations.
Products that have a lot of bad testimonials can encourage potential buyers to cancel the purchase of the product. It’s the same if most of the buyers give good and positive testimonials, the potential buyers will be more motivated to buy the product.
The form of testimonials from buyers is also divided into several types. It can be in the form of an assessment through comments, a rating with a 1 to 5 star scale, and in the form of photo evidence of the purchased product.

From here, usually the buyers will guess whether the quality of the product to be purchased is in accordance with their expectations. For example, when a product receives a lot of bad comments and ratings with 2 or 1 stars, buyers will usually think again before deciding to buy the product. The same thing applies to online stores that can be given an assessment rating for the services of the seller.

Paying attention to the number of products sold
Unlike offline shopping, e-commerce has a feature where users can find out the number of products sold from an online store. The majority of e-commerce users have the perception that the more products sold, the more trusted the online store along with the quality of its products.
This view creates a new habit of shopping, which makes users more motivated to buy a product that has been sold a lot. Conversely, if the product to be purchased has a small number of sales, it will be less likely for the product to be purchased.

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Buying from the Official Online Store
In the past, there were many assumptions that goods purchased online often did not match the expectations and product descriptions listed in the online store. However, since the enactment of social distancing protocols, many well-known brands have started to switch to creating official online stores in e-commerce.
People who cannot shop offline also have the habit of shopping through official online stores or official online stores because of guaranteed transaction security. This also makes people believe in the authenticity and quality of the production of goods, which are sold offline and online.
Especially since the COVID-19 virus spread, research results from software company Sirclo in Indonesia showed a rapid increase in the number of purchases of health products such as masks, hand sanitizers, vitamins, wet wipes, and hand soap. Where the purchase of these products must prioritize the authenticity and quality.

Look for the Free Shipping
The last habit that e-commerce users often do is buy products that offer free shipping rates. Where, as we know, the majority of Indonesian people will definitely like discounted prices, especially free offers.
This also seems to be known by e-commerce parties such as Shopee, for example, who often hold massive free shipping promos, one of which is through the Shopee 11.11 shopping festival.
It was noted that the Shopee 11.11 shopping festival, which was held during social distancing, experienced a 6x increase in transactions compared to 2019. This shows that there is great interest from the public in the free postage services offered by e-commerce.…

Types of People When Shopping Online

Types of People When Shopping Online – In times of a pandemic like today, many people shop using applications or online. But basically there are many types of people when shopping online. What are you like?

Just curious buyers

When shopping online, there are types of buyers who are just curious. When they find an item that interests them, they will enthusiastically ask for details of the item. ranging from size, color to price negotiations are often carried out by this type of buyer.

Unfortunately, once satisfied with their curiosity then they just disappeared. Even though it is not uncommon for the seller to provide an account number and wait for the transaction. Well, this type of buyer is the most disliked.

Types of People When Shopping Online

Lovely Buyer

In stark contrast to buyers who are just curious, happy buyers are usually those who don’t ask a lot or ask naturally. Not much to negotiate, and make payment transactions are also done quickly.

This type of buyer is what the seller expects the most and is usually the most respected. Because they have good customers, the sellers are also increasingly motivated to provide better service.

Impatient Buyers

Next, there is another type of impatient buyer, usually they will get angry when the old seller replies to them. Not only that, even after the goods are delivered they will be impatient to receive the goods that have just been sent.

Dealing with buyers like this, it’s better to just give a receipt after sending the goods, then let them track the shipment themselves without having to bother the seller again.

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Critical Buyer

A lot of patience with buyers like this, they will end up buying the item but it all comes back to how the seller is patient and smart in answering all the questions of this one buyer.

Usually critical buyers will seem to know more about the details of the goods being sold, not only that, they also usually carry out sadistic negotiations. However, many types of buyers like this end in buying really.

Indiscriminate Buyer

Finally, there is the type of buyer who is fickle in shopping. After they asked a lot of questions and found the item they wanted, they often suddenly asked for the item to be changed. In fact, many sellers have neatly wrapped the goods they bought.

Meeting this type of online buyer is indeed annoying, but can’t help but have to face it too, right?

After seeing some of the types of online shoppers above, what type are you? Be careful if you are a pleasant buyer, you might end up with a bad name among online merchants.…

Online Shopping Safe Tips

Online Shopping Safe Tips – The pandemic period forces us to do all activities from home. One of them is online shopping from home. Online shopping has some bad effects on shopping. Here are the right tips for safe online shopping

1. Don’t want to be offered data updates

Don’t trust phone calls or emails claiming to be from banks or other parties. Just so you know, banks usually always advise you to come directly to the branch to update the data. If not, you have to do it yourself, without any interference from the bank.

Don’t act rashly and rush to click on the email or link in the email, including if you get a calendar invitation. You must always be vigilant, especially if there are emails asking for personal information such as phone numbers, bank accounts and so on.

Online Shopping Safe Tips

2. Beware of filling out surveys with the lure of being able to get prizes

Phishing mode is often done easily via the internet such as survey requests with the lure of tempting prizes. You need to be vigilant if there are questions that already involve sensitive matters related to financial data, namely being asked to state your PIN number, account number, biological mother’s name, to the OTP code.

Indeed, not always all online surveys are scams, you just need to be more vigilant. Make sure the email sent does not contain malware viruses, survey links are also safe.

If you are asked to fill in sensitive personal and bank data, don’t do it. Especially when you are told to send some money to redeem the survey prize, don’t want it!

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3. Watch out for cheap products and big discounts

Phishing mode through online transactions is usually carried out through cheap product offers, business offers, gift offers and others. You have to be wary of unreasonable “advertising” because it can be a ‘target’ for cyber fraud. Be careful with advertising offers (sponsors) in cyberspace because it can harm you if your data is stolen.

Don’t get caught up in a site that contains a phishing trap. Make sure you write correctly a site to the domain. Because of the wrong domain, even though the name is the same, you can enter the wrong site.

For example, shopping online on a site that you don’t know. They can put up ads like massive discounts. So, when it comes to cheap stuff, who isn’t interested? In fact, there are people who think that even if they are cheated, the amount is not much.

You need to know that what is actually being targeted is not money, but personal data. If your data is compromised, the perpetrator can use a bank account including a credit card for transactions at will. Well, scary right?

4. Use a strong password

Don’t forget to change your password regularly, at least once every three months. Check all your digital transaction passwords, from banking accounts, e-commerce shopping accounts to digital wallet accounts.…

The Impact of Covid 19 on The Development of The Online Shop

online shop

The Impact of Covid 19 on The Development of The Online Shop – With the development of an increasingly rapid era, now humans no longer need to bother looking for information using print media such as newspapers and magazines. We can get any information, anytime and anywhere through the internet. It can be said, nowadays the internet has become a primary human need. The internet has become a part of human life starting from education, social media to economic-business.

In the influence that causes many people to lose their jobs, but in the midst of these concerns, there is another alternative to being able to try to meet their daily finances, namely by selling online / online shop.

Online shop is a transaction of goods or services via the internet. The rise of sellers conducting online shop activities utilizes increasingly sophisticated technology, a wider marketplace system, applications that are trending, all of which are lands to continue to develop their potential and be able to adapt under any conditions. There are already many various online media platforms scattered, consumers don’t need to come to the place or shops they want to visit, now they can just click on the application that provides an online shop platform.

The online shopping decision process is not as complicated as an offline purchase decision. This is one of the reasons why online shopping is in high demand compared to traditional shopping. Shopping online is easier, saves time and money.

This is what makes some internet users make online purchases. Using search engines such as browsers or online shop applications at the information search stage, consumers will look for references online from anywhere. Opinions that have been mentioned by others, become useful information for other buyers in knowing the product to be purchased.

The advantages and disadvantages of this online-shop include:

1. Shopping becomes more practical

2. Can compare prices easily from one online-shop to another online shop

3. Save energy and time, no need to walk from one store to another to get the items you want

4. Can get goods from anywhere, from outside the city and even abroad

5. The price of goods is usually cheaper

6. Helping the economy of small traders

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Buying and selling online also has disadvantages in transacting, including:

1. We should first think about whether the item we really need;

2. Compare prices between one online shop with another;

3. Knowing the reputation of the store, seeking information through acquaintances who have shopped at the store or other online information;

4. Carefully read the product description;

5. Pay attention to the seller’s phone number, if you can call directly to make sure;

6. Pay attention to the payment method, look for a safe option, don’t let our account be burglarized online.

The development of online buying and selling in Indonesia also has a negative impact. Here are some of the bad effects of buying and selling online:

Threatening Traditional Market

The government is worried that the development of online business will erode the existence of traditional markets. Therefore, the government hopes that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will not rely too much on online-based sales media.

The Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs AAGN Puspayoga does not deny that online sales can improve the sales performance of business people. “I believe that this online business is something that can generate income for SMEs, but it cannot be done online. Our market will be quiet later,” he told reporters during an interview after inaugurating the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperative (KUMKM) Center, on Jalan AP Pettarani, Makassar, Wednesday (25/1).

Increasing Number of Unemployed

The boss of CT Corp who is also the coordinating minister for the economy during the SBY era, Chairul Tanjung, revealed that the online buying and selling scheme or e-commerce has the potential to increase unemployment in the country. This is because traditional traders will increasingly lose buyers and are forced to go out of business.

“E-commerce is a mechanism to get customers by burning money so that the prices given are definitely much lower than normal traders,” he said when met at the IDX Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/4).

According to him, the solution to this problem is that traders must improve their quality of life by keeping up with the changing times. The three keys that must be possessed are innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.…

The Reason Most People Turn to Online Shopping

belanja online

The Reason Most People Turn to Online Shopping – During this pandemic, people are forced to stay at home. Shopping for necessities must be done online. From conventional transactions, our society now prefers to shop online. Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Suhariyanto also admitted that the online shopping phenomenon is happening in Indonesia, and one of the factors is the rapid growth of e-commerce.

With this growth, Bank Indonesia estimates that 24.7 million people shop online. The value of e-commerce transactions is predicted to reach IDR 144 trillion in 2018. The high interest of the public to shop via the internet is indeed triggered by technological advances. But not only that, online shopping is also increasingly in demand because it benefits the perpetrators from a financial perspective.

What is it that makes more and more people turn to online shopping? Here’s the reason.

1. Save time and effort
The increasingly congested traffic makes everyone have to go through an uphill battle to move places. It’s no wonder that online shopping is now an option for those who don’t have much time to shop at shopping centers. Without the hassle of going through traffic jams to get to a shopping center, you can get the items you want just by accessing the internet via your favorite smartphone.

You also don’t need to spend energy to get out of the house, queue at the cashier, to carry a lot of stuff in a shopping center. With online shopping, you can browse goods, to transact anytime, anywhere, be it at the office, at home, or even on the go. After that, the purchased goods will be delivered directly to your address. Save time and energy, right?

2. There are many promos
The proliferation of e-commerce makes online shoppers provide many promos to attract customers. The various promos offered by various shopping places are what make many people love transacting in cyberspace. The types of promos offered by online businesses also vary, ranging from price discounts, redeemable reward points, to shopping vouchers.

Online shopping will be more efficient if you are good at maximizing credit cards. Because, there are always promos, point rewards, up to 0% installments that can make online shopping more efficient. No need to worry if you don’t have a credit card. Through, you can compare, choose and apply for the best credit cards online, and the application process is fast and secure. So, next shopping, your expenses are guaranteed to be more efficient.

3. More payment options
As mentioned above, many online business people cooperate with banks and multi-financial institutions as payment partners. This is what makes many online stores or e-commerce that provide installment services, either with a credit card, or installments without a credit card. Without having to spend big money, you can buy the desired item in installments.

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4. Have a more complete variant of goods
Have you ever visited a shopping center to buy something, but left empty-handed because the item you were looking for wasn’t there? Conventional stores are often not as complete as online stores. Because online business people come from all over Indonesia, even around the world, you can look for goods from anywhere, even abroad.

5. Can compare prices of goods
If you shop for the desired product at a conventional store, of course it will be difficult to compare one product with another. It’s different with online stores, you just have to open several online stores at once, look for the items you want to buy, then compare the prices one by one. Want an even easier way? Currently there are many e-commerce comparison sites. Not only in terms of selling prices, but you can also compare ongoing promos in each e-commerce, so you get the best offer.

Safe tips when shopping online

Shop on trusted sites and stores
The current number of online stores makes some irresponsible people take advantage of this moment to commit crimes. To avoid these elements, from now on get used to shopping on the official online site. The official site usually has an account in the name of the company, active social media, and a call center that can be contacted. As for online stores that are members of the marketplace, choose a store with good reviews and values.…

Recommended 10 Online Shops for Trusted Makeup and Skincare Shopping


Recommended 10 Online Shops for Trusted Makeup and Skincare Shopping – Online shopping makes things a lot easier. Those of you who like shopping for beauty products such as makeup and skincare will also be happy with the various promos offered by online stores. To be safe and comfortable, make sure to shop for guaranteed genuine makeup and skincare products at these 10 trusted online cosmetic, makeup and skincare shop recommendations!

1. Sociolla

From Indonesian products to Korean and Australian products, even some American and European brands are also present here. In addition to many promos, you can also get many recommendations and product reviews on their website, Who likes shopping here?

2. BeautyHaul

If you enjoy watching videos of beauty influencers, you will also be familiar with the word haul. Haul is a term that means to buy, so those of you who like to buy makeup and skincare products, you can check the list of local and imported products (even pre-orders) at

3. Sephora

Who does not know Sephora. When you don’t have time to go to the mall and shop directly at the outlets, you can always get the beauty products you want through the Sephora Indonesia website and application. Pssst, don’t miss the gift with purchase promotion which is often offered with certain purchases on the website.

4. Ponny Beaute

There is also, where you can get various K-Beauty products from Korea and products from local brands. From skincare, makeup, to tools, find them at Pnny Beaute.

5. C&F Store

Perfume collectors must be familiar with C&F Store outlets in various malls. However, not only perfume, now C&F Store also carries various international skincare products that you can also buy online at

6. Hey Glow

If you like various skincare brands that are often seen on Instagram or YouTube, don’t forget to stop by, because this website offers a variety of interesting products that are unique and may be difficult to find on other sites.

7. Kay collection

Reading the Kay Collection will surely remind you of various tools such as makeup brushes, mirrors, and even makeup artist equipment. In the Kay collection, skin, hair, and makeup treatments from various brands are also available. Visit the website at

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8. Beauty Studio by Female Daily

You may also be familiar with the largest beauty forum in Indonesia, Female Daily. Well, recently, Female Daily launched Beauty Studio, a platform that offers an online shopping experience for various local skincare and makeup products. I just visit

9. Dan+Dan

For fans of drugstore skincare and makeup, don’t forget to check the website which offers many of the best drugstore skincare and makeup products from local and international brands.

10. Bening Bersinar

Unique name huh? This beauty website started as a shop in a marketplace, and has now opened its own website, which offers local, Korean, and even Japanese skincare that is of course authentic!…

Best Online Food Ordering App Application


Best Online Food Ordering App Application – An increasingly modern era makes it easier for us to do many things, one of which is when ordering food. Where only by using the application on your smartphone you can order your favorite food without having to leave the house.

Where this convenience has become one of the lifestyles in various big cities, besides that it will also strengthen the reach of food entrepreneurs and online motorcycle taxis even the courier. There are quite a few recommendations for the best food ordering applications that you can choose if you are looking for the best recommendations. Where several food ordering applications will be present for those of you who are really looking for the best one. Where some applications may be popular enough for you to call it GoFood, Grab food and others.

1. GoFood

One of the services from Gojek also offers many interesting things when you want to order food, you can easily use the Gojek application. You will be offered a menu of dishes in various places that you can choose to your heart’s content.

What’s interesting is that the Gojek application offers various types of payments ranging from using digital wallets and of course cash. Gofood is an interesting solution when you want to buy food during the current pandemic, where when you leave your house, you can get the food you want.

2. GrabFood

Grab is one of the transportation service providers while offering the grabfood feature, which is an easy and fast food delivery. With a wide reach and the availability of many partners, grab can be a solution for those of you who want to cook in several places without having to leave the house.

Grabfood, like Gojek, offers convenience in the ordering process to payment where you can order food at any time. The payment methods offered can also use cash or digital wallets such as funds.

3. Culinary

Kulina application is an application that provides a service for subscribing to food that can be designated for individuals or for groups. Many use this application for lunch needs by office agencies, where when you have a celebration you may need an application like this.

Not only in large quantities, you also order kulina for small purposes such as individuals. The menu is diverse and with excellent quality, making Kulina successful in becoming one of the interesting food ordering applications for you to try.

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4. Lemonilo

lemonilo offers a variety of healthy foods that they offer to app users. Where you can order various types of healthy dishes that have been prepared by special standards. The dishes on offer are very suitable for those of you who may be on a diet and the like. Users will be asked to fill out a food delivery schedule so that they always get food that is always fresh.

5. Vegetable Box

The Best Food Ordering Application, which is next for you to choose, is Sayur Box, where this one dish can meet the needs of healthy vegetables. Later you are asked to schedule a delivery of healthy vegetables to your home.

So this application does not offer ready-made food but offers and sends food ingredients in the form of healthy vegetables. But there are also healthy food categories that you can get in the menu section, namely various Salads, Cut Fruits and others.…

Online Vegetable Shopping Application

Online Vegetable Shopping Application

Online Vegetable Shopping Application – With the rapid development of technology, there are many platforms that sell goods to staples such as vegetables.

The government has recently appealed to the public to exercise social distancing. This is to respond to the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic which has claimed many victims around the world. As a result, all social activities are restricted, let alone those that create large crowds. In fact, many companies are implementing work from home, aka working from home.

But, calm down, guys. Even though you are required to stay at home, you can still shop for groceries without having to interact directly with the seller. IDN Times recommends 5 online shopping applications that will make it easier for you. What are they?

1. Shopping for vegetables and fruit at Sayurbox

Sayurbox is an online vegetable shopping platform that has a farm-to-table concept. You can shop for fresh vegetables and fruit from local farmers and producers. You can also choose organic or non-organic products. For now, Sayurbox’s operations are still limited to Jabodetabek.

For payment, you can choose via bank transfer, credit card, or virtual bank account transfer. Practical and easy, right?

2. Happy Fresh for your kitchen needs

Like Sayurbox, the Happy Fresh application will also make it easier for you to shop for kitchen needs. Happy Fresh collaborates with many supermarkets, such as Giant, Lotte Mart, Food Hall, Super Indo, Hero, and many more.

Instead of going to the supermarket tired and meeting lots of people, Happy Fresh can be a smart choice in the midst of social distancing calls.

3. Perfect Cooking, the vegetables have been chopped so it’s practical

This application is perfect for those of you who want to cook practically. You don’t need to be tired of choosing ingredients or cutting vegetables. Because, Perfect Cooking already provides a variety of food menus, from vegetable soup, soy sauce chicken, seafood satay, to a snack menu.

The portion can be adjusted according to your needs, so you don’t need to worry about being redundant. Oh yes, the Perfect Cooking menu can also be sent out of town in a day. Isn’t it delicious?

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4. Gomart, from snacks to kitchen necessities

Gomart can also be used as an option when you want to shop at the convenience store. You can order snacks, kitchen necessities, and beauty tools. Cus download the Gojek application and select the Gomart service. If you cook and just want to eat, you can choose the Gofood menu.

5. Bliblimart, drinks until cooking spices

This e-commerce also launched an online shopping service. You can order food, drinks, maternal and child needs, household care, body skin care, wholesale products, international culinary delights, groceries promos, and others.…

Shopping Tricks To Get Discounts

Shopping Tricks To Get Discounts

Shopping Tricks To Get Discounts – Buyers really want a discount when shopping online, to get a big discount, of course, there are a few tricks that you have to do.

A lot of people are crazy about shopping online when discount season arrives, maybe including you. If you’re not wise, maybe you can concede and buy a lot of things that you don’t really need. For that, it would be better if you plan ahead before deciding to buy something.
Besides that, you also need to apply the following tips so you don’t go overboard in shopping. What are they? Come on, just read the explanation below until it’s finished!

1. Make a list of the items you want to buy

Before shopping, you should first list your groceries. So, you will find out what items are really needed. Another goal is to avoid buying something that is not really important or just based on desire.

2. Adjust the budget you have

Determining a budget is important before shopping online so that you don’t get conceded easily. Make what your maximum budget is, it can be weekly or monthly. Even though you have more money, it would be nice for you not to rush to spend it to buy lots of things.

3. Don’t be easily tempted by discounts, buy the things you really need

The large number of discount offers will usually make you tempted to buy these promo items. Even though maybe you don’t really need it. For that, learn to refrain from the temptation of promos and discounts that can drain your pockets.

4. Use a discount voucher or promo code

The existence of discount and free postage vouchers will help you save even more when shopping. Thoroughly choosing items that provide promo codes, maybe it will be a little more complicated, but it doesn’t matter. Especially if you want to buy goods in large quantities, the discount will also be large.

5. Avoid frequently opening online shopping applications

Frequently opening online shopping applications will make it easy for you to be tempted to buy something. Moreover, there are many items that offer massive discounts. You might even go crazy and shop for various products that you never planned before.