The Impact of Covid 19 on The Development of The Online Shop

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The Impact of Covid 19 on The Development of The Online Shop – With the development of an increasingly rapid era, now humans no longer need to bother looking for information using print media such as newspapers and magazines. We can get any information, anytime and anywhere through the internet. It can be said, nowadays the internet has become a primary human need. The internet has become a part of human life starting from education, social media to economic-business.

In the influence that causes many people to lose their jobs, but in the midst of these concerns, there is another alternative to being able to try to meet their daily finances, namely by selling online / online shop.

Online shop is a transaction of goods or services via the internet. The rise of sellers conducting online shop activities utilizes increasingly sophisticated technology, a wider marketplace system, applications that are trending, all of which are lands to continue to develop their potential and be able to adapt under any conditions. There are already many various online media platforms scattered, consumers don’t need to come to the place or shops they want to visit, now they can just click on the application that provides an online shop platform.

The online shopping decision process is not as complicated as an offline purchase decision. This is one of the reasons why online shopping is in high demand compared to traditional shopping. Shopping online is easier, saves time and money.

This is what makes some internet users make online purchases. Using search engines such as browsers or online shop applications at the information search stage, consumers will look for references online from anywhere. Opinions that have been mentioned by others, become useful information for other buyers in knowing the product to be purchased.

The advantages and disadvantages of this online-shop include:

1. Shopping becomes more practical

2. Can compare prices easily from one online-shop to another online shop

3. Save energy and time, no need to walk from one store to another to get the items you want

4. Can get goods from anywhere, from outside the city and even abroad

5. The price of goods is usually cheaper

6. Helping the economy of small traders

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Buying and selling online also has disadvantages in transacting, including:

1. We should first think about whether the item we really need;

2. Compare prices between one online shop with another;

3. Knowing the reputation of the store, seeking information through acquaintances who have shopped at the store or other online information;

4. Carefully read the product description;

5. Pay attention to the seller’s phone number, if you can call directly to make sure;

6. Pay attention to the payment method, look for a safe option, don’t let our account be burglarized online.

The development of online buying and selling in Indonesia also has a negative impact. Here are some of the bad effects of buying and selling online:

Threatening Traditional Market

The government is worried that the development of online business will erode the existence of traditional markets. Therefore, the government hopes that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will not rely too much on online-based sales media.

The Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs AAGN Puspayoga does not deny that online sales can improve the sales performance of business people. “I believe that this online business is something that can generate income for SMEs, but it cannot be done online. Our market will be quiet later,” he told reporters during an interview after inaugurating the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperative (KUMKM) Center, on Jalan AP Pettarani, Makassar, Wednesday (25/1).

Increasing Number of Unemployed

The boss of CT Corp who is also the coordinating minister for the economy during the SBY era, Chairul Tanjung, revealed that the online buying and selling scheme or e-commerce has the potential to increase unemployment in the country. This is because traditional traders will increasingly lose buyers and are forced to go out of business.

“E-commerce is a mechanism to get customers by burning money so that the prices given are definitely much lower than normal traders,” he said when met at the IDX Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/4).

According to him, the solution to this problem is that traders must improve their quality of life by keeping up with the changing times. The three keys that must be possessed are innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.…

The Reason Most People Turn to Online Shopping

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The Reason Most People Turn to Online Shopping – During this pandemic, people are forced to stay at home. Shopping for necessities must be done online. From conventional transactions, our society now prefers to shop online. Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Suhariyanto also admitted that the online shopping phenomenon is happening in Indonesia, and one of the factors is the rapid growth of e-commerce.

With this growth, Bank Indonesia estimates that 24.7 million people shop online. The value of e-commerce transactions is predicted to reach IDR 144 trillion in 2018. The high interest of the public to shop via the internet is indeed triggered by technological advances. But not only that, online shopping is also increasingly in demand because it benefits the perpetrators from a financial perspective.

What is it that makes more and more people turn to online shopping? Here’s the reason.

1. Save time and effort
The increasingly congested traffic makes everyone have to go through an uphill battle to move places. It’s no wonder that online shopping is now an option for those who don’t have much time to shop at shopping centers. Without the hassle of going through traffic jams to get to a shopping center, you can get the items you want just by accessing the internet via your favorite smartphone.

You also don’t need to spend energy to get out of the house, queue at the cashier, to carry a lot of stuff in a shopping center. With online shopping, you can browse goods, to transact anytime, anywhere, be it at the office, at home, or even on the go. After that, the purchased goods will be delivered directly to your address. Save time and energy, right?

2. There are many promos
The proliferation of e-commerce makes online shoppers provide many promos to attract customers. The various promos offered by various shopping places are what make many people love transacting in cyberspace. The types of promos offered by online businesses also vary, ranging from price discounts, redeemable reward points, to shopping vouchers.

Online shopping will be more efficient if you are good at maximizing credit cards. Because, there are always promos, point rewards, up to 0% installments that can make online shopping more efficient. No need to worry if you don’t have a credit card. Through, you can compare, choose and apply for the best credit cards online, and the application process is fast and secure. So, next shopping, your expenses are guaranteed to be more efficient.

3. More payment options
As mentioned above, many online business people cooperate with banks and multi-financial institutions as payment partners. This is what makes many online stores or e-commerce that provide installment services, either with a credit card, or installments without a credit card. Without having to spend big money, you can buy the desired item in installments.

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4. Have a more complete variant of goods
Have you ever visited a shopping center to buy something, but left empty-handed because the item you were looking for wasn’t there? Conventional stores are often not as complete as online stores. Because online business people come from all over Indonesia, even around the world, you can look for goods from anywhere, even abroad.

5. Can compare prices of goods
If you shop for the desired product at a conventional store, of course it will be difficult to compare one product with another. It’s different with online stores, you just have to open several online stores at once, look for the items you want to buy, then compare the prices one by one. Want an even easier way? Currently there are many e-commerce comparison sites. Not only in terms of selling prices, but you can also compare ongoing promos in each e-commerce, so you get the best offer.

Safe tips when shopping online

Shop on trusted sites and stores
The current number of online stores makes some irresponsible people take advantage of this moment to commit crimes. To avoid these elements, from now on get used to shopping on the official online site. The official site usually has an account in the name of the company, active social media, and a call center that can be contacted. As for online stores that are members of the marketplace, choose a store with good reviews and values.…

Important Basic Knowledge Playing Sportsbook Betting

Important Basic Knowledge Playing Sportsbook Betting – The entire composition of the guessing game for soccer matches will continue to give perfect results precisely.

However, from the use of the ball dealer, it is also more optimal in getting a win, but it must be accessed using the most important basics.

Until now, gamers need to pay attention to what are the best standards of the most perfect and trusted soccer dealer. This is very important because gamers can seize opportunities appropriately and optimally without having to look at the basics. However, there are some important basics that are currently accessible for playing with a dealer.

Important Basic Knowledge Playing Sportsbook Betting

Observing All Portions of City Rules

From the use of the best and more optimal cities, it will continue to provide precise and optimal results. However, gamers themselves must be able to 365sbobet observe the most perfect things in using all portions of playing better. Because the procedure of observing the portion of the bookie’s rules will make the chances of winning much higher.

Maximizing All Opportunities From the City

On average, the best and most trusted bookie can immediately get the perfect opportunity with better playing capital. Until now, the maximum and most credible use of the city can continue to produce more perfect results. It’s just that players need to optimize all opportunities directly from the best and most trusted bookies.

Standard City Rules Must Be Clearer

Apart from maximizing all new opportunities from a city, the best standard by observing all the rules of the city must be clearer and more optimal. So that anyone can quickly see how the best solutions can currently be presented in various strategies or important basics when playing online games to guess the match score.

Comparison of Using and Not From Airport Access

It should be re-examined that from the use of the best dealers and the potential to win, it will be much more perfect if later gamers can recognize the best things that currently continue to open up opportunities for a novice player to play more perfect. This can always be used as a big capital for players. So that anyone can immediately take advantage of all city access more perfectly even though they have to play with the criteria of the best city.

Playing Capital Must Be Balanced

On several occasions a gamer must be able to observe the most perfect things in playing online games. Therefore, all portions of playing online games will continue to maximize all portions of playing, so that anyone can observe the most perfect things. Until finally the playing capital must be balanced with predictions.…

Profit Management Playing Online Poker Gambling

Profit Management Playing Online Poker Gambling – This approach is as applicable to free poker games as it is to paid games, practice with free money and chips and you will naturally do it when the time comes to play real greens.

Before you even get to the table, set yourself some ground rules about spending money and time. You DO NOT want to spend an hour losing money over and over again. I try to stick to 3 states when playing  download idnplay apk poker, if I come across any of them at any time then I know it’s time to take a break from playing.

Profit Management Playing Online Poker Gambling

While it may seem like they will limit your winnings, and cause you to make slow progress in the poker world, you are limiting your losses, and thus stop going back and forth. A penny saved is a penny earned, and those cents will add up over time if you limit your losses and have the PATIENCE!

In short these rules are to stop you from blowing a big win over a series of dumb calls. I almost always use the same three rules:

1. Stop playing and take a break if I have used up half of the cash flow I started.

2. If I have doubled the money I bought, and start to lose it, stop and come back later. On a side note, never risk losing your big hard earned stack by going all in. I make these rules and adhere to them strictly so that I never lose what I have earned.

3. If you’re not going anywhere (played for 20-30 minutes in my case) and haven’t made any significant gains or losses, then stop and come back later, chances are your luck will be better.

If you join a game to win big, remember, it’s not the cards you’re playing against, it’s the other players. There’s no point in going all out with a royal flush knowing you’re sure to win, and watching everyone at the table fold.

Another thing to watch out for is the style of bluffing…. If they have a good hand, many players will try to get as much cash as possible from other players so the chances of betting are low. However, if they bet big, then they are likely bluffing.

This may not always be the case. First look at the players at the table, try to guess their playing style, pay attention to their behavior patterns and then apply these guidelines to them. This worked for me, I’d say about 80-90% if its timed.

You’ll notice that good poker players tend to play this way, so the trick is to stop being predictable and making yourself harder to read. For example. Start by folding weak hands and only play the good ones. When people see that you raise every time you get a good hand, and fold on a weak hand, they will assume you can’t bluff, and you can bluff through the next few weak hands, with most being too scared to call you. bluff.…

Loss Minimizing System in Playing Sportsbook Online

Loss Minimizing System in Playing Sportsbook Online – When most people hear about the Sports Betting Champion System and learn of its somewhat unbelievable claims, they are skeptical, to say the least.

Starting with compound interest, you need to understand the math that makes up this system and why the formulas are so interesting. When starting out, it almost doesn’t matter the size of the bet you place as it all comes down to reinvesting your winnings if you want to really succeed in growing a big pot of money. To be able to reinvest all your winnings into placing the next higher size bolagila bet, you will need discipline, and a lot. Apart from that, you also need to practice patience so that you don’t worry and take your wins, while they grow, and run away and buy a new sports car.

Loss Minimizing System in Playing Sportsbook Online

Discipline and patience are the cornerstones for a successful betting career. These skills must be developed if you are to achieve the kind of money you are most likely looking for. If you are able to develop this patience and you are able to show discipline with your ‘investments’ (also known as your bets), then you will find your winnings will grow with each successful trade, and the best systems out there boast as high as a 97% win ratio. . This is the winning ratio that can be achieved by the Sports Betting Champ system developed by John Harrison. It’s not an exaggeration—it’s discipline.

The key to growing investment (start-up capital) with a system like the Sports Betting Champ system is knowing how to reinvest all winnings into subsequent trades (to place systematically higher bets each time). If this can be done, due to the discipline exercised, then the amount you start with will continue to grow over time and the winnings can be combined with each other to represent significant growth to your account.

In addition, when you have invested in a program such as the Sports Betting Champ system, there are possible follow-up goals for you, which may come in the form of a new car and a new house. But this is an added advantage and should be postponed until you can significantly increase your capital. If you start withdrawing from your online booker account too early then you will never reach your full potential. This can be a world of disappointment for you; This is why discipline is so important and reinvestment of winnings is so important. However, if you are going to adhere to these mentioned guidelines, then using a system like Sports Betting Champ will help you reach the highest level.…

Working on a Bankroll in Playing Online Poker Gambling

Working on a Bankroll in Playing Online Poker Gambling – One of the most frequently asked questions by people starting to play poker seriously, especially online, is about how big their poker bankroll should be.

It is not difficult to empathize with the askers of this question. After all, this is a question that touches directly on the financial side of idnplay poker. And the financial side of playing poker – as with any financial side – is one that is more important to most people.

Working on a Bankroll in Playing Online Poker Gambling

In a way of speaking, we can say that it is the ‘most painful place.’ Of course, that is also where the biggest advantages can come, considering that without an adequate poker bankroll, you will not be able to play the best poker game you should be playing. After all, how do you place a bet when you don’t have an adequate bankroll? And if you don’t place a bet, how do you expect to win something? But when all is said and done, people don’t want to have a bigger bankroll than they need: nobody wants to tie up money unnecessarily.

Now the answer to the question of how big a poker player’s bankroll should be is ‘it depends.’ Depends on what, you ask. Yes, it depends on a number of factors, some of which we will discuss here.

One of the factors you need to consider when determining what will be an adequate poker bankroll is the type of poker game you want to play. If, for example, you want to play draw poker, you probably don’t need a very large poker-bankroll. But if you want to play something like No Limit Holdem Poker or Triple Draw or still Stud, then you definitely need a bigger poker bankroll. So, one of the factors that determine the ideal size of a poker bankroll is what game you want to play.

Another factor you need to consider, when figuring out what an adequate poker bankroll looks like, is what you really are a poker player like. Are you, for example, the type of player who limits himself to a few ‘pots’ (focused) or are you the rather ambitious type of player who tends to place multiple ‘pots’ at once? If the latter is the case, then you definitely need a bigger poker bankroll than people who tend to play tight games, just of a few focused pots.

Your motivation to play poker, of course, will be another factor that determines how big your poker bankroll should be. If you want to play poker as a full time job, then you definitely need a bigger poker bankroll than someone who likes poker as a hobby, on a part time basis.

There are some who argue that instead of bothering yourself with all these considerations, you’d be better off placing a poker-bankroll of about 300 times your biggest bet. So if your biggest bet is $1 (for example), you keep your poker-bankroll at 300. But many authorities feel that this way of thinking is too simplistic. They argue that looking at the factors outlined earlier – such as the poker game you will be playing, what type of poker player you are and what is your motivation for playing poker, you can be in a position to practice a better poker-bankroll. .…