Types of People When Shopping Online

Types of People When Shopping Online – In times of a pandemic like today, many people shop using applications or online. But basically there are many types of people when shopping online. What are you like?

Just curious buyers

When shopping online, there are types of buyers who are just curious. When they find an item that interests them, they will enthusiastically ask for details of the item. ranging from size, color to price negotiations are often carried out by this type of buyer.

Unfortunately, once satisfied with their curiosity then they just disappeared. Even though it is not uncommon for the seller to provide an account number and wait for the transaction. Well, this type of buyer is the most disliked.

Types of People When Shopping Online

Lovely Buyer

In stark contrast to buyers who are just curious, happy buyers are usually those who don’t ask a lot or ask naturally. Not much to negotiate, and make payment transactions are also done quickly.

This type of buyer is what the seller expects the most and is usually the most respected. Because they have good customers, the sellers are also increasingly motivated to provide better service.

Impatient Buyers

Next, there is another type of impatient buyer, usually they will get angry when the old seller replies to them. Not only that, even after the goods are delivered they will be impatient to receive the goods that have just been sent.

Dealing with buyers like this, it’s better to just give a receipt after sending the goods, then let them track the shipment themselves without having to bother the seller again.

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Critical Buyer

A lot of patience with buyers like this, they will end up buying the item but it all comes back to how the seller is patient and smart in answering all the questions of this one buyer.

Usually critical buyers will seem to know more about the details of the goods being sold, not only that, they also usually carry out sadistic negotiations. However, many types of buyers like this end in buying really.

Indiscriminate Buyer

Finally, there is the type of buyer who is fickle in shopping. After they asked a lot of questions and found the item they wanted, they often suddenly asked for the item to be changed. In fact, many sellers have neatly wrapped the goods they bought.

Meeting this type of online buyer is indeed annoying, but can’t help but have to face it too, right?

After seeing some of the types of online shoppers above, what type are you? Be careful if you are a pleasant buyer, you might end up with a bad name among online merchants.…