The Impact of Covid 19 on The Development of The Online Shop

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The Impact of Covid 19 on The Development of The Online Shop – With the development of an increasingly rapid era, now humans no longer need to bother looking for information using print media such as newspapers and magazines. We can get any information, anytime and anywhere through the internet. It can be said, nowadays the internet has become a primary human need. The internet has become a part of human life starting from education, social media to economic-business.

In the influence that causes many people to lose their jobs, but in the midst of these concerns, there is another alternative to being able to try to meet their daily finances, namely by selling online / online shop.

Online shop is a transaction of goods or services via the internet. The rise of sellers conducting online shop activities utilizes increasingly sophisticated technology, a wider marketplace system, applications that are trending, all of which are lands to continue to develop their potential and be able to adapt under any conditions. There are already many various online media platforms scattered, consumers don’t need to come to the place or shops they want to visit, now they can just click on the application that provides an online shop platform.

The online shopping decision process is not as complicated as an offline purchase decision. This is one of the reasons why online shopping is in high demand compared to traditional shopping. Shopping online is easier, saves time and money.

This is what makes some internet users make online purchases. Using search engines such as browsers or online shop applications at the information search stage, consumers will look for references online from anywhere. Opinions that have been mentioned by others, become useful information for other buyers in knowing the product to be purchased.

The advantages and disadvantages of this online-shop include:

1. Shopping becomes more practical

2. Can compare prices easily from one online-shop to another online shop

3. Save energy and time, no need to walk from one store to another to get the items you want

4. Can get goods from anywhere, from outside the city and even abroad

5. The price of goods is usually cheaper

6. Helping the economy of small traders

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Buying and selling online also has disadvantages in transacting, including:

1. We should first think about whether the item we really need;

2. Compare prices between one online shop with another;

3. Knowing the reputation of the store, seeking information through acquaintances who have shopped at the store or other online information;

4. Carefully read the product description;

5. Pay attention to the seller’s phone number, if you can call directly to make sure;

6. Pay attention to the payment method, look for a safe option, don’t let our account be burglarized online.

The development of online buying and selling in Indonesia also has a negative impact. Here are some of the bad effects of buying and selling online:

Threatening Traditional Market

The government is worried that the development of online business will erode the existence of traditional markets. Therefore, the government hopes that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will not rely too much on online-based sales media.

The Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs AAGN Puspayoga does not deny that online sales can improve the sales performance of business people. “I believe that this online business is something that can generate income for SMEs, but it cannot be done online. Our market will be quiet later,” he told reporters during an interview after inaugurating the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperative (KUMKM) Center, on Jalan AP Pettarani, Makassar, Wednesday (25/1).

Increasing Number of Unemployed

The boss of CT Corp who is also the coordinating minister for the economy during the SBY era, Chairul Tanjung, revealed that the online buying and selling scheme or e-commerce has the potential to increase unemployment in the country. This is because traditional traders will increasingly lose buyers and are forced to go out of business.

“E-commerce is a mechanism to get customers by burning money so that the prices given are definitely much lower than normal traders,” he said when met at the IDX Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/4).

According to him, the solution to this problem is that traders must improve their quality of life by keeping up with the changing times. The three keys that must be possessed are innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.…