Choosing the Right Size for Online Shopping

Choosing the Right Size for Online Shopping

Choosing the Right Size for Online Shopping – The choice of size when shopping for clothes through an online store is quite complicated and confusing, this is due to the difference in sizes from each store to another.

The changing times make us do everything online. One of them is buying clothes online. However, often the items we buy fall short of expectations. Among them is the size of the clothes that are often not suitable.

1. Measure yourself using a tape measure

To determine what his size is, you should measure yourself with a meter tape. Don’t forget to take notes on your notes or write notes on your phone to be used as a benchmark. By knowing your own size, you won’t be confused anymore when buying clothes online.

2. Avoid choosing clothes based on weight or height

Sometimes we buy clothes referring to our weight or height, even though it’s not necessarily the same, you know. If A is 167 tall and weighs 42 kg, it is not certain that he uses size M for his clothes, it could be that the right size for him is the size XS.
For that, you need to pay attention to the size chart provided so that you don’t mistake your dress size based on your weight or height.

3. Pay attention to the clothes model

There are generally two types of clothes that you must remember when you want to buy clothes online, namely the slim fit or oversized model. Slim fit refers to clothes that fit properly while oversized is the opposite. Don’t get confused, OK.

4. Don’t ignore the type of material

Usually, online stores that sell clothes will write down the specific details of the clothes in their descriptions. For that, you must understand very well what the characteristics of the material are after use.
There are some materials that will shrink after washing. There are also some materials that will actually stretch after washing, such as polyester.

5. See examples of clothes the model is wearing

If you don’t want to buy it wrong, you can see an example of the approximate size of what the model is wearing. You can also ask about the details used by the model so you don’t get it wrong.
Is it suitable for you to use, whether it will be longer for you and so on, you can see what the model is wearing.

6. Don’t be lazy to see other buyer’s reviews

If you buy clothes online on e-commerce, there is usually a review column from other buyers. Take your time for a moment to see their reviews and feedback in the form of photos they provide.
With this reference, at least you have an idea of ​​what the clothes you want to buy will look like. This also minimizes you from buying the wrong size clothes.