Tips for Online Shopping for Basic Needs

Tips for Online Shopping for Basic Needs

Tips for Online Shopping for Basic Needs – With the occurrence of the current pandemic, many activities are hampered and must be done online, one of which is shopping for basic necessities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not ended. Since being hit by the corona virus in March, crowd activities in crowded places have been limited. Restaurants, cafes, food stalls are still allowed to open, but only accept delivery or take-out orders.
Even though public places are limited, that doesn’t mean you can’t shop for daily necessities. You can take advantage of online stores, for example the Eden Farm application which provides various basic needs.

1. Determine the amount of the budget

Before shopping, make a list of what you want to buy. Then, determine the amount of the shopping budget. That way, you won’t go crazy. Arrange a list based on what is really needed according to the priority scale of the month.
Stick to the list that you made yourself and try not to steal into buying things off the list just because of a discount or hungry eyes.

2. Choose an online shopping method

The second step is to choose the online shopping method that best suits you. For example, shopping through shopping applications for specific types of products, WhatsApp, or certain marketplaces.
Adjust options to things that help or benefit you. For example, an application that has a cooperation feature for discounted rates with the bank that you are using. Or other conveniences that match your character and personal needs.

3. Compare prices from several suppliers

Before deciding to checkout, try to compare prices from several suppliers. This is because each supplier has a different pricing system. There are those who set prices per kg, per gram, per 250 grams, and so on. By comparing prices, you can save more, you know!

4. Choose a trusted supplier

Don’t rush to checkout when you see low prices, huh. Look at reviews from people who have shopped at the online store you visited. Examine comments from previous buyers. Also ensure the credibility of the supplier through ratings and other reviews regarding the products they sell and their services.

5. Choose the supplier with the most complete product

Instead of buying products from many suppliers, it’s better to choose one. Make sure the supplier has a complete product line so you don’t have to checkout in many places. That way, you can also save on shipping costs, you know!